No service provider has all the answers. Seeking the knowledge and skills of dedicated professionals to meet an objective is the single most important decision a business can make.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is one of the most popular mediums available today for conveying your message in the most favorable light; bringing that added level of quality to your web, broadcast or corporate campaigns.

3D Modelling

Whether for game or product design, our Polygon/Subdivision based 3D modelling experience will ensure your assets will be fast, efficient or 3D printed to the your highest expectations.

Industrial Design

Pitching a new idea or creating artwork for packaging will eventually require the need for artwork. What will it look like? Can you 3D print a prototype? These are the types of questions clients will ask. Will you have the answers?

Introducing liquid resin

SLA 3D printing

Make it so!

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Providing specialized Dicom file conversion/3D output for the Health Care industry
•    Joint surgery
•    Cosmetic surgery
•    Prosthetic limb matching
•    Ligaments reconstruction
•    Skeletal augmentation
•    Mandible implants
•    Craniofacial disfiguration

Everyday Backpack$125.00

Spectrum X-200T$1,400.00

Integra Trident$950.00

Traverse Winner$175.00

Lloyd Wright Chair$650.00

Expedition Tech$285.00

Goliath Original$325.00

Spire 8-X Red$120.00

Wildcat New Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $150.00.

Coastal Paleo Mug$35.00

Hoppen Stool Clean$450.00

NW-10 Camera$3,500.00

Kodak Book$65.00

Wanders Sofa$2,450.00

Servo BO-44$1,150.00

Dieter Rams Book$85.00

Easystreet Backpack$125.00

iPhone Gum Case$35.00

Savvy Sling Model 2$75.00

Apple iWatch$430.00

Sawyer Rose Sofa$1,250.00

Sedute Maugham$220.00

Susanne Brent Lounge$750.00

Oversize Sweatshirt$115.00

Oceanside Navy$145.00

Presto Nagoya Top$90.00

Product Frame$135.00

Product Off-Grid$185.50

Product Stunning$18,500.00

Product Impact$985.00

Product Full-Screen$185.00

Product Half-Screen Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $150.00.