The 50th anniversary of Starfleet regulation Quad Band, Sub-Space communicator

Finished in a polished gunmetal grey with accented titanium and gold Faraday radiant atmospheric charger, this low profile Star Trek Communicator is sure to turn heads as you hail your Uber Delta Flyer. Just about fitting in the palm of your hand, this latest generation is the perfect combination of technology and beauty; looking more like a piece of jewelry than a device.

Faraday radiant atmospheric charging means your communicator is always being charged. Its gold Faraday receiver is capable of collecting ions right out of the air (Ionosphere.) By utilizing the Earth’s magnetic field, Sub-space communication capabilities provides an instantaneous planet wide person to person communication without the need for satellites and can continue to be fully functional during power interruptions.

Enjoy Real-Time smooth Video capabilities even while communicating from the other side of the planet. Portable Molecular Transporter (PMT) physical matter can be emailed when time is of the essence.

Transportable samples that can be sent include:
• Blood Samples (DNA)
• Smell
• Any plant based samples.
• PMT is available to Federation subjects only.

Please do not send flies as there is currently a bug with our decoder!!!