Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 White band

¬†We have been bombarded with an influx of Smartwatches over the past several years, and with any new technology we the people are subject to a gamut of size variations and features, before that sweet spot is defined. I believe Samsung became a leader in the Smartwatch field when they integrated GSM into their Galaxy Gear S, thus severing the need for lugging around a Smartphone. Believe it or not, not everyone is a Smartphone user; me being one of them. There are several reasons for this decision, but the main reason is I don’t care to have a brick weighing down my pocket while I am walking or trying to find a comfortable position in the movies, not to mention the way brick looks while holding it to my ear. Many of you may remember a time that when it came to phones, smaller was better and cooler!



TracyThe future is almost what I dreamt it would be

When I was younger I couldn’t wait for the day I would have a device on my wrist, not only for communication but also for information, so after using my Galaxy Gear S for a few months, I suddenly realized (after receiving a text message while pealing a potato) that I was living that future I imagined! I thought, “this is absolutely great, unobtrusive and just meant to be.” When Samsung announced they were in the process of developing a round Smartwatch I wasted no time in kicking my Gear S to the curb in anticipation for picking up one. But then I thought that I may have put too much faith into believing that Samsung would heed the criticisms of social media for all Smartwatches and give us what we want! The Moto 360 could walk the walk, but not talk the talk.


The_Smurfs_Apple Watch

The Apple watch is plagued with what makes Apple what it is, tied to your phone, a desktop computer, the Internet and looks better on the arms of a Smurf than a man. With the revealing of the new Galaxy Gear S2 last week I was left scratching my head as to why this watch not only strays away from the sweet spot, but why is it being model only by women. I believe this is Samsung’s way of taking a page from Steve Jobs, and as we draw closer to the official Sep 3rd launch day, they will reveal a more masculine watch version along with this original model. But what would it look like.

The 21 Century has introduced the ability for Social media to not only influence what TV shows get renewed, but also help consumers express exactly how they would like to see certain products evolve. If companies have learned anything from this evolution, they will know that it is no longer companies that tell us what we want, but us. Well. I would be perfectly satisfied if they learned from the past, take the best from it and “make it so!” It would need:






Samsung Galaxy Gear S2









Galaxy Gear S2 GoldfingerThe clean looks of the Moto 360, allow for the use of traditional watch bands like the Moto 360 and have a polymer display like the Galaxy Gear S

  • GSM
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Wireless charging
  • Option to be completely voice controlled



Gear S2 Black Sport






Gear S2 Pinkerton








Blue Band







Red Head