As advanced as the Samsung Galaxy Gear S is, its wrist strap leaves something to be desired as it is its least appealing feature. Traditional watch straps are not only interchangeable, but also more attractive and less geeky looking. With the immersion of 3D printing technology becoming more and more prevalent, who needs to wait for manufacturers to give us what we want when we can simply “make it so” our selves. Although just a concept for now, this adapter will have an all-metal construction, screw less assembly and can be easily attached and removed. Adapter will come available in two sizes allowing for a standard 32″ sports band and a 40″ allowing for a strap equal to the gears existing rubber band. Production prospects depend entirely on whether the popularity of the Gear S sees a second generation.

Galaxy Gear S Strap featured

As for any update to the Gear S functionality and operating system, I can’t do anything about that, but if I was to make a Gear S wish list it would be as follows:

  1. Make it completely standalone (for me the Gear is a Smartphone for the non Smartphone user.) I need to be able to install and remove apps without a Smartphone, or at least using a wifi based desktop Gear Manager!
  2. Allow me to add and remove contacts
  3. Repeat notifications
  4. Schedule alarms using calendar
  5. Most important. It should be completely voice controlled using a standalone system, allowing me to execute all functions with minimal touching of the watch. (This function alone will set the precedence for all Smartwatch functionality in the future.)
  6. Wifi file manager
  7. Make it faster!!!

Galaxy Gear S Yellow Strap

Sorry everyone. Looks like this particular configuration of the Galaxy Gear S will not recieve an update, therefore this idea is dead!