Quick General Info

Although I had purchased and completed this modification some time ago, I thought I would post this as inspiration to those who were thinking along the same lines.

When personal computers were first produced in the standard white housing, it was done so customers would have a nice base to paint and customise as they felt fit. As you know the Lemfo Lem X only came in one colour. Black! I personally prefer my principle Smart Watch in metal because I find it really stands out against my leather band of choice; and so I painted my Lemfo Lem X silver. In addition to painting the body silver, I first sanded off the black finish of the bezel, then polished it to a shiny chrome.

Custom job was based on the now discontinued Motorola Moto 360 generation Two as seen here:




Images displayed below feature:

  • A custom coloured map scheme using Mapfactor GPS
  • I use a custom watch launcher for my Samsung like charging scheme and full screen app icons
  • I used Tremclad Aluminium paint
  • I used an exstreamly fine grain sandpaper to polish bezel and prepare body for painting
  • Tremclad red paint used for home button


I will add more details at a later time, but in the meantime, here are some pics.

Hand built Watch Band

The Lemfo Lem X sports one of the largest, if not the largest size for a Smart Watch available, but this 28mm band has very limited selection from third party band makers. So I hand made my own. Maybe I’ll add more info later, but check out the images.

Lemfo Lem X Breif Review


  • Large screen for my poor eyes
  • Large screen gives it a market niche
  • Fairly good Blutooth connection when walking outside, although experience intermitent loss of connection when swinging arms. Results may vary depending on headphones used, but I use the same headphones to test different devices (watches,) and some fair better than this with not loss of connection
  • Very Eye catching to on-lookers
  • Excellent batter life, but keep in mind that I only use a 2G connection and/or blutooth
  • Good GPS on testing
  • Good WIFI on testing
  • Most of my apps work without issue including my custom notification app
  • Charges fast
  • Interchangeable watch bands, so there was no need for me to crack this one open
  • Very loud speaker (can listen in my car without lifting a wrist)
  • Very good omnidirectional mic (can talk in my car without lifting a wrist)



  • Camera onĀ  a watch leaves a man very vunerable to false accusations when in puplic places such as a subway or coffee shop, so I painted my camera closed!
  • Lemfo used the poorest display tech available. Next version should be full screen AMOLED
  • My screen has already started to deteriorate. I have had the watch for only a few months and the watch displays a noticable horizontal and verticlal grid like pattern permanently
  • No colour options
  • Difficult to find premium 28mm leather sports band

Lemfo Lem X Pro Wish List


  • AMOLED display, preferably maintain edge to edge
  • Steel and or brush metal finish
  • High chrome bezel in silver or gold
  • Optional leather bands options
  • Camera-less option (or remove the pulse reader from the bottom and put the camera there.)
  • Improve Bluetooth connection for outdoor use. Bluetooth works fine indoors, but you need to test the Bluetooth in the field.
  • Provide repair replacement of a deteriorating screen that surely you knew had a poor shelve life, or provide credit of future purchases


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