LF16 Custom Strap

So my LF16 was starting to feel the strain of all my tinkering around, and as a result the strap has inevitably given way. As much as I was hoping to do something creative with this watche’s strap assembly, the bezel infect does not facilitate the same modifications I had done to my previous watches, as far as a custom strap goes, but when your hand is forced, you don’t have any choice. The LF16’s current strap is fixed to the watch using a one piece design with a screw on extrusion fitted within the watch housing. This attachment is pass through a hole in the bezel. Just as before, my modification required the complete removal of the existing strap, and the removal of the antennas from those. The strap on this watch is hollow, so removing the antenna was a piece of cake. This watch required the drilling out of the traditional watch lugholes, which holds the traditional strap. I was able to do this using a 1/32mm drill bit.

Once the holes were drilled out I then remove all components from the watch, leaving me with the metal bezel only. Using a metal alloy as a filler I essentially filled in the holes around the bezel that facilitated the previous watch strap attachment, before filing and sanding it down smooth. After the watch components were reassembled, I then incorporated the antennas within the body of the watch by configuring each side by side on top of the motherboard. Because I had previously incorporated my own USB circuit, placing the antennas in this fashion would not interfere with charging the watch, and with my custom backing, it is completely clean of additional components.

Lastly, I purchased a bitching premium watchstrap to complete the package. With this particular watch being manufactured using Aluminum instead of stainless steel, there is less issues with signal strength for both the Bluetooth, 3G or WIFI, but keep in mind I only use 2G as it consumes less power. I also disable Pedometer for even more power efficiency. I am not sure why the manufacturer did not incorporate this configuration, as they would be able to install more professional configuration for the antennas.

Woops! Missed a part.

When you remove the original strap you will find that there is groove indent preventing a traditional strap from fitting. To accommodate the new strap the body of the LF16 had to be filed smooth to the body before then filling in the holes.

Good luck!


The new back does away with not only any charging contacts or heart sensor, but now also has no screws. The back is Superglued permanently on and watch is waterproof (if I plug up the USB port!) Although the Bluetooth/WIFI is still within the watch, the 3G antenna is now embedded into the wall of the back cover. I have absolutely no issues with 3G (I actually only use 2G (Outdoor strength of -65db)) Bluetooth or WIFI signals and as mentioned before. I can walk down the street swinging my arms or walk into my bathroom with the watch in my other room, and the Bluetooth is solid. I don’t use GPS.


One great way to improve the battery life of your watch is to install an automated app like: Tasker or Macrodroid. Once installed you can then establish a script that only turns on the 3G for 5 mins every hour; long enough to check for email notifications. This is accomplished by enabling or disabling Airplane mode.

To further improve battery life; for those of you who don’t like to take off your watch at night, you can create a script that turns on Airplane Mode when you go to sleep, then disables it when you wake.

Finally, if you are looking for a great watchband, this is where I buy mine: