Blu Vivo Air LTE TWRP

For those of you who have this phone; you know the story. Beautiful phone, positioned as the thinnest of its kind upon its release and yet there is next to no development being done for it including the lack of custom recovery in the off chance our beautiful phone should crash. All customizations, settings, files etc would have to be re-installed and setup after stock recovery.

Like you, I looked everywhere, all over the world and could not find a thing but “Bogus” crap! (Why do they do that?)

Due to this lack of availability, I decided to buckle down and create one myself. I am happy to announce the release of the first TWRP custom recovery for the Blu Vivo Air “LTE”

For those of you familiar with the routine of flashing a new recovery you know that you must be rooted beforehand. I found the most easiest way to flash the TWRP “img” is to use an Android app called, “Flashify” by Christian Göllner available on the Play Store, and once executed it will prompt you to reboot into TWRP. Alternatively, once TWRP is installed in your Blu Vivo LTE, you can boot directly to TWRP by holding the power up button and then holding the power button. Once screen lights up keep holding the up button while letting go of the power button until you see TWRP.


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