This is a work in progress, but I wanted to share with you what is possible with a little tinkering. One of the most annoying issues with what has become a consistent solution for charging these watches is the use of a magnetic attachment. The problem with this solution is that it has a tendency to dislodge, either while transferring files, flashing or charging overnight. What could be more annoying than waking up for work to find that your watch is dead! Another issue is if you have your watch on your desktop like me, and you disconnect the magnetic charger from your watch; and the magnet finds its way to any metal surface such as a shilling or a ruler, and as a result almost fries the USB port on your computer or the computer itself!

This mod addresses this issue by installing a USB 2 port within the watch. This is accomplished by doing away with the speaker which occupies a significant area in the watch not to mention adding to its thickness. I personally found that I actually could do away with the sound, as I was not using it as much as I would a USB port.


By installing the USB port I no longer have to worry about carrying around my non standard charger cable, I can charge it anywhere I might charge a cell phone and allows for me to reduce the profile of the watch reducing that hovering off the wrist look. The original backing was replaced with a custom manufactured back, which is completely clean of any connectors, or interfaces such as the heart sensor, charging pins that came become corroded over time and the speaker holes. Although I have no intention of creating a tutorial for this hack as it poses a high degree of trashing your watch, some of you may be able to accomplish this on your own using the techniques I have described. I may in the future offer a similar solution that can be purchased.